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openarc.org provides infrastructure you may use to get familar with ARC.

1. Autoresponder

Send a message to echo@openarc.org. You'll receive a response instantly. This response contain the message as received by the service. This allowes you to inspect how OpenARC validate your sent message.

2. Forwarder

Send a message to forward@openarc.org. You'll receive your message /forwarded/ back to you. It's not a new one. Existing DKIM signatures are expected to be still intact after forwarding.

But you may force message modification to invalidate your existing DKIM signature: Choose the text "modify" as Subject and it will be prepended with "[MODIFIED]: " on forwarding. Your DKIM signature will be no longer valid. We assume you sign the RFC5322.Subject header as advised by RFC 6376 - DKIM Signatures