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Re: Addition of ARC-Seal header

Am 29.01.24 um 22:08 schrieb Andrew Beverley:
I am trying to fix what appears to be a bug, whereby previous ARC signatures are not included in the ARC-Seal that OpenARC produces.

I am struggling to find exactly where in the source code the headers are retrieved for the ARC-Seal signature. Can anyone point me in the right direction please?

I have found what appears to be the use of arc_b64sig to add the signature, but I cannot work out where the data for this is set.


I can't answer your question. (And I'm very unsure any subscriber can)

But I struggled some times ago about the general question "what data are covered by an ARC seal?"
I took a message I receive and which are marked as "arc=pass"

$ openarc -v -v -v -t /path/to/msg

-> say also (and expected) arc=pass

Now I change one random character in the message body and the command above say "arc=fail"

I thought, an ARC seal cover only added Authentication-Results: Header, but this test show the opposite.
I read RFC 8617 but I'm still unclear about how ARC really works.

Could you suggest more documentation?


Addition of ARC-Seal headerAndrew Beverley <andy@xxxxxxxxxxx>